About Us

Hey. We're the Morris siblings. Well, not all of them, there are eight of us total, but just five of us are blogging here. (We're trying to convince the others to join, too, but not all of them are the blogging type.)

Amy (Amyzing)

Amy, the second of the eight, is a vegetarian with a lot of style and sass. Since she lives in Southern California, she has access to a near endless variety of fresh produce. You can see her artistic creations at Rock-pile West.

John (John D Morris)
"No one really wants my job, they just want the food I eat."

John, the third child, travels the world for his work as an international registration project manager. While that sounds dull, it means that he gets to eat a lot of food from lots of cultures. He specializes in Central and South America, so expect a lot of posts about the exotic and quotidian foods of South America, which is like America, but south.

Stefanie (SweetieLynn)

Stefanie, fifth in line, juggles a household of four kids. She thinks that sometimes just having dinner on the table without going to a drive-through is a success. But there are days when a mess in the kitchen is worth the cost of making something great.

Scott (Skoticus)
"I'm not a vegetarian, I'm a vegetable enthusiast."

Skoticus, lucky number seven, describes his cooking as "soups, goops, and sauces." He prefers fresh vegetables and whole food ingredients. Almost as much as cooking and eating the food, Skoticus enjoys making the food looking as delicious as possible in photographs. You can see his non-food photos at Skoticus Photography.

Andrew (AJ Morris)
"Flavor and taste are everything, who cares if it's healthy? Mmmm....butter."

Andrew, the youngest of the eight, is the spoiled one of course. The only thing is he spoiled himself. His desserts, especially pastries, are world class, and there are those (biased, yes, but critical nonetheless) who claim his cheesecake is the best in the world. Andrew is an undergraduate at Brigham Young University, studying Biology.