Monday, March 14, 2011

Pressure Pie

You'd think a circle would be easy to make. But one made from scratch? The intentions may be perfect, but reality is not. Which bring one to wonder, how did they ever get pi when you need a perfect circle to prove your hypothesis?
When Skoticus call me last night to remind me that today is pi day and that I needed to get a pi(e) post up, I said no problem. I figured I'd get a small tart from the freezer, defrost it, take a picture and be done. Then after a day of errands, naps, piano teaching, homework and life, I realized the tart was still in the freezer. Since it was close to dinner time I thought I'd just make a chicken pie, but I needed to run to the store to buy chicken. That's okay, chicken is on sale this week. So 4 kids went to the store with me. As I said, intentions were perfect... I'm not sure I should go into details, but I lost one of them for a minute only to realize she went with her brother to the bathroom. Reality is not...
I doubled the recipe so I could make dessert. The bowl was too small. I don't know if I didn't mix the shortening into the flour enough, or if I didn't add enough water, but it wasn't staying together very well and was all marbe-ly. By then lots of people were hungry and I didn't care too much. I put the steamed veggies in separate containers so the kids could make their own, to their delight.
The crust looked great. I remember being at a family wedding and one of my aunts was lamenting that she never asked my mom how she made such great crust for pies. I looked at her confused, and told her I remembered my mom unfolding the purchased crust from the store, but never making a crust. I think I broke my aunts heart that day...
Perfect for dinner, lots of veggies. Since I didn't mix all the filling together before putting the pies together, I didn't put enough sauce. I guess it's just more healthy that way. Only my youngest ate the whole thing, with the daylight savings time, my other 2 were pretty tired and only had a little bit before going to bed.
Since my kitchen was completely helpless by then, I got ready for dessert. I got some dehydrated apples boiling, added sugar and cinnamon and this new product, Philadelphia's cooking cream to make a creamy apple pie. After it cooked I sprinkled cinnamon sugar on it.

Chocolate ice cream, check. Kids in bed, check.
One of my favorite parts of mom making pie was the crust scraps she'd sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and bake. So I did the same. It was while tasting them I realized I didn't put enough salt in the dough. Salt really makes everything better. I'm sure a lot of people could say the same thing about pie. That, and maybe not being under pressure to create it, but having the desire to invent something great. Thanks be to the inventors of pi.

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  1. That pie looks perfect. Good work. I hope the pressure was worth it...