Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweet Potato Quesadillas with Curried Veggies

I get Bountiful Baskets most weeks, which means that every Saturday morning I get a large box of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes I get fruits/veggies that I eat all the time: lettuce, apples, plums, celery, etc. Those I generally find easy to use.

But sometime I get stuff like sweet potatoes, which I like but almost never buy for myself.

We had some sweet potatoes (or maybe there were yams...I don't really know the difference. Is that a bad confession to make on a cooking blog? Well, I said it) and I wanted to use them up, also they were pretty much the only food in the house other than a few spare veggies. So, I decided to make some sweet potato quesadillas, which I had once and Gurus and kind of liked, but thought I could do better.

The most difficult--and the whole thing is really easy--part about this quesadillas are the mashed sweet potatoes.

Peel and cube 2-3 small sweet potatoes.
Boil the potatoes in water, add a dash of salt and a dash of oregano for flavor. Pepper if you like.
When the potatoes are soft, drain the water.
Mix the potatoes with a dap of butter and a 1/3- 1/2 C cream.
Mash together. Set aside.

Then, make a quesadilla:

Lightly butter or oil one side of a tortilla.
Spread a thin layer of the mashed sweet potatoes on half the tortilla
Fill with cheese. I used a sharp cheddar and a Mexican mozzarella. Regular mozzarella would be superb, as would pepper jack. Jarlsberg would also be great, I have a feeling.
Grill on medium-low heat on one side, until the side is crispy but not burnt, then flip and cook the other side.

It is a great combo of cheesy and potato-y. Can be made spicy or mild. It also makes an ordinary quesadilla into a full meal.

For some color and a bit of extra deliciousness, serve with some fajita veggies on the side.  I also had extra mashed potatoes, so I served that on the side as well with some extra cheese sprinkled over it.

I used onion, green bell pepper, julienned zucchini, and mushrooms for my side dish. I sauteed them in olive oil with a few dashes of curry powder. The curry flavor was mild and not very strong, so just a hint which was a nice compliment to the quesadillas.


It's a good thing I used the sweet potatoes, too, because this week I got more sweet potatoes in my basket. I made Sweet Potato and Pear Soup, so that will be coming up on the blog sometime soon as well.


  1. Delicious. I'm absolutely making this with mine! And just so you know, a traditional sweet potato is not much different looking than a regular Yukon gold, except that its size and shape are closer to that of a yam). It has brownish skin and yellow "meat" (is that what I should call it?). The orange "sweet potatoes" are actually yams, but people generally accept them as being sweet potatoes. Actually, most people just think they are sweet potatoes and have no idea that the real sweet potato is lurking out there somewhere. The yams are used more frequently because they have a more palatable texture (much less starchy), and they are a lot sweeter.

  2. Also, I am very anxious to try your soup recipe. I love sweet potato and pear soup, but have yet to find "the one". But the search is oh, so delicious.