Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grilled Pineapple and Brie

Andrew actually made this, but I thought'd I'd be the one to blog about it since 1) it was my idea, he just perfected it, 2) I ate it, 3) I took the picture. Those are good reasons, right?

This, actually, is usually the way it goes with Andrew and I, who still live together in our college bachelor pad. Since Andrew generally follows recipes (though well and with improvisation), I tend to follow whims and fancies. But, Andrew also cooks more than I do nowadays, what with all the papers I have do at the moment. So, sometimes when we have some ingredients in the house that I think would go well together (pineapple and brie, panang curry and dried blueberries, apples and basil, strawberries and cilantro) I am usually the one to come up with the strange combination of the two. Sometimes Andrew looks at me funny and says no, which means I have to do the combination myself later (pictures of the strawberry salsa to come...), but sometimes Andrew actually thinks it's a good idea, and when I come home from school one night I will find something like grilled pineapple and brie waiting for me.

1. Melt butter and mix it with brown sugar to make a glaze.
2. Brush both sides of slice of fresh pineapple with the glaze, and bake at 350 until the pineapple is soft and the glaze browned. This will work best in a roasting pan, or some other way of having the pineapple not be right on the bottom of the pan.
3. Places slices of brie over the pineapple and put back in the oven until it is melted and gooey.

That's it.

And, from now on, be brave in your combinations!

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