Friday, August 19, 2011

Cake Balls

It turns out that making cake balls is REALLY easy. I had no idea. I kind of thought that they would be difficult to make. But, there is one simple concept, and then a million different variations you can do from there.

What you need:
A cake
chocolate chips
cake decorating stuff

The Concept of Cake Balls
1. Make a cake. Any standard variety: boxed cakes, homemade, banana or zucchini breads. Any simple cake will do. In the picture above, I used banana bread. Let the cake cool completely before proceeding
2. Crumble the cake up. Use your hands until you get fine crumbles.
3. Mix in enough frosting that you can make a thick, malleable paste out of the crumbles. Again, most frosting will do: canned, simple sugar and milk, homemade store bought, it's all good, just be sure to consider the flavor of cake and frosting you're mixing. Above, I used a banana flavored frosting.
4. Make into balls. This is messy, but fun. You want to keep them small, which is difficult if you're not used it it. Mine ended up being too big. Bite size, maybe like two bite-brownies.
5. As you make the balls, put them on wax paper in a cookie tray. When finished, freeze the balls for about 2 hours (or refrigerate them over night).
6. Melt chocolate chips, then coat the balls in the chocolate, letting them cool.
7. Decorate however you'd like: dip them in toppings while the chocolate is still sticky, or drizzle them with white chocolate, or frost them with addition decorations. I used powdered sugar, chopped almonds, coconut, and powdered ginger for my decorations.

And there you have it! It takes a while, since you have to bake a cake and let things cool several times, but over all, it is pretty simple.

What kind are you going to make?

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